Careers @ Alembic:

Our philosophy is giving growth opportunities to all Alembians and we practice it with our motto “Stay with Alembic, Grow with Alembic”. We look for individuals who have the attitude and aptitude that depicts passion and commitment. We provide an environment that is conducive and encouraging for all our employees to think different and try out the new. If one is willing to be a part of the Alembic Family, he / she must be ready to LEARN, UNLEARN and RELEARN continuously. At Alembic, failure is acceptable… giving up is not.

Integrity and Responsibility are the two prerequisites we look for in any prospective Alembian, and we take care of the rest. So if you have the spirit to Learn and Grow, we welcome you with open arms.

Growth @ Alembic:

“Stay with Alembic, Grow with Alembic” is the motto that echoes through the fabric of our organization. With this motto in the core of all our actions, we encourage ‘Succession Planning’ and ‘Internal Promotions’ to a great extent. When it is about our employees, the priority is to ensure their professional as well as personal growth. The legacy of 100+ years and the homogenous mix of experience and youth in our pool, are testimony of the fact that at Alembic when you stay with us; you grow with us.

Life @ Alembic:

We don’t just call ourself a Family... ‘We are a family’. And this bond is reflected in the way we celebrate various facets of life, together with each other. As an organization we personify the phrase ‘Unity in Diversity’ in the true sense. Be it any festive or personal occasion, we come together and share the happiness and joy. Along with the employees, even their families are a part of many such occasions.

We believe in practicing openness and give opportunities to employees to experiment and exhibit their talent. We provide a structural way of growth and have customized Learning & Development programs for our employees. We have conducted various events and sessions for employee engagement and learning. For different stages of the career we have designed different learning programmes. It is done with a view to gradually increase the performance and transfer learning to the next level. At the nascent stage of association, the new joiners mandatorily go through the HRO & BTP programmes, which are designed to provide the basic knowledge & skills required to perform their role. Various programmes are designed to enhance In-clinic-effectiveness, increase collaboration within the team & instill self- confidence in the participants. Moreover, through various Management Development Programs (MDP) and with help of Learning Management Systems (LMS), we aim to develop the Managers in all facets of their professional careers. Thus, Alembic has built platforms to reward exceptional performance and recognize contributions.

Alembic offers much more than a job… it offers a CAREER for life.

If you believe in yourself and are looking for a platform to unleash your true talent, be a part of the dynamic team Alembic by emailing your CVs to